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Can you really get a decent logo designed for £3.46

The new website Fiverr would have you believe that you can.

It’s the latest fad site coming out of the US in the creative/marketing space that allows sellers to post services for $5, or at today’s exchange rate £3.46.

The first thing to say is that in the real world £3.46 doesn’t buy you much. It wouldn’t get you 1/2 hour of a qualified designer’s thinking time, let alone putting their expertise and experience to work. Yet there are companies offering logo design and much more for $5.

How can they afford to do this?
They are undoubtedly using it as an alternative, paid method of lead sourcing. The theory being that if you’ve paid a little bit to their company you are a stronger lead than someone who has given them an email address; you’ve made a commitment.

The question then becomes what exactly do get for your five dollars and is it value for money compared to the traditional design routes out there?

There will be a finite amount of time a company is prepared to work on your logo before they will want you to pay more. So some considerations that come into play are:

1) How many initial ideas will you get?
2) How much time is the designer prepared to spend to get your logo perfect?
3) What file types will you be given?
4) Have they drawn the icons/images or taken them from the web so they’re not unique?
5) Do the terms and conditions state that copyright is yours – very important!

So quite a bit to think about before taking the $5 punt. Another consideration is the after sale upsell.

Clearly companies who take part will be hoping to win more business off the back of the logo design. That’s how they will make their money from you. So they will want to sell you more design work and maybe a website. And they’re more than likely going to have a ‘won’t take no for an answer’ sales person convincing you to use someone you’ve not met and only paid $5 for all your branding work.

It could be a good punt and at $5 you’re not losing much apart from your time if it goes wrong. We’d recommend, however, that if you are working on your businesses first logo it’s important and exciting enough to employ a qualified designer to work on it with you.

All our designers at Small Business Logos are qualified designers with Bachelors degrees or equivalent in graphic design.

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