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The importance of brand consistency

So what exactly does brand consistency mean for a small business?

In shortly it means ensuring your logo is used consistently across all your marketing materials. And your exact brand colours are also used on all your materials so that your customers automatically associate your business and services or product when they see any of your communications.

When you get a logo designed ask your designer to provide you with colour references, either in RGB or CMYK and the editable logo files, most likely a vector EPS. That way if you use another designer to create materials you can give them the colour guide and original logo files to work from, ensuring consistency.

The obvious materials to keep consistent are your business cards, stationery, flyers and your website. Also think about your social media profiles cover pics and icons and web banners if you do any advertising. All of these materials add weight to your brand presence.

If you’d like to chat about brand consistency our designers are on hand to give you tips. Call us free on 0800 840 5485

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