Freelance graphic designers: dodgy sort! or are they?

Pfft Graphic desingers – dodgy sort aren’t they?!

When they’re not trying to hit you with millions of added costs, they forget to mention the massively obscure output file format they intend to deliver – and suddenly your whole logo project turns into a nightmare.

…But not all of them are like that! And as such your logo design project doesn’t have to be the most complicated thing.

It really can be straightforward and simple – you just need to know the right things to look for…

…and the tell-tale signs of the ones to steer clear of!

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Think you’re ready to begin creating your logo? Think again…

First impressions count, don’t they? ….Yeah yeah we all can be a little bit shallow and when it comes to the decision to buy or not to buy – logos and branding are one of the key factors that can turn visitors off.

So, understandably, you logo is an important thing to nail. It can say volumes about your company, and save you a lot of leg work when it comes to being memorable.

Most likely you want to use an afforable logo service to get that slick professional output.


Think you’re ready to begin creating? Think again…

To read the criteria: click here.

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Expanding wider into the social sphere…

We’re jumping on the latest social band wagon, and we think you should too!!

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. . . Pra caramba! Rio Unveils New Logo Design

Has the warm fuzzy feeling of the British Olympic ‘gold rush’ softened the hatred for our London 2012 logo? Nope – even 18 golds can’t make that thing look any better!

And it seems that Brazil have taken note; unveiling the new logo design for Rio 2016 which couldn’t be more different than our London counterpart.

The fluid new logo design, led by Rio 2016 Branding Director Beth Lula, contains a smooth, custom-made typeface [created by Dalton Maag], and icon symbolising three athletes holding hands [the work of design agency Tatil].

The logo’s variety of curves in the lettering is said to be inspired by “the joyfulness of the Brazilian people”, with the aim of communicating the Rio 2016 motto: Passion and Transformation.

Watch the youtube trailer for Rio 2016:

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For more inspiration with your logo design, click here to read the top tips from our designers.

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Marketers vs. Small Business Owners: Battle Of The Logo Polls!

If we asked a room full of people to list the most iconic logos in business, I’m pretty sure we’d all agree on a fairly consistent top 25 – right? The Apple’s and Nike’s of this world.

Yet have you ever stopped to think what is it about a certain logo which makes us recall one ahead of another?

Here at Small Business Logos we love a good logo chart! And a recent survey published in Marketing Weekly has revealed some pretty interesting results, which suggest marketers and start-up business owners think a little differently when recalling their favourite ad campaigns.

The list, compiled by research company Grupo Consultores UK (GCUK) from interviews with more than 200 marketers, reveals many consumer favourites –

  1. John Lewis
  2. Apple
  3. Virgin
  4. Nike
  5. Procter & Gamble
  6. Innocent
  7. Coca-Cola
  8. 02
  9. Unilever
  10. Tesco,
    Virgin Atlantic and Volkswagen

….7 of which overlapped into their top 10 most easily recalled.

We cross-referenced GCUK’s most easily recollected brands with the results of our own poll of most memorable logos, as voted for by you! – Our start-up business readers.

Interestingly, though almost all of the top 20 were similar, a different set appeared on top, with only 2 brand campaigns crossing over in the top 10.

  1. Apple*
  2. BBC
  3. Nike*
  4. Amazon
  5. Google
  6. London Underground
  7. UPS
  8. American Express
  9. Sky
  10. HSBC Logo

It seems the die-hard marketers predominantly recall B2C brands – reflecting a love of the glory that comes with being a household consumer brand.  Whereas those logos most easily recollected by start-up business owners are punchier and simpler than those recalled by marketers, and a mix of collaborative and consumer driven companies.

Those favoured by our readers often incorporated a unique image into the logo which, when stamped, could represent the brand alone – such as the Nike tick, the Amazon “A-Z smile”, and the HSBC inverted triangles – perhaps revealing a heightened awareness by SMEs of the need for a logo to contain a signature element, recognisable without words, to ensure start-up longevity amidst a market of well-established larger brands.
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What Makes A Great Logo Design ?


What actually makes a great logo design ?

We all recognise a good logo when we see one, I think we could all say that Apple, Nike, BBC etc… are very good logos, but what do you have to actually think about when designing your own logo ?

What are the fundamentals that you need to get right to give yourself a great chance of having a successful logo and brand ?

We asked our designers to come up with a checklist for great logo design and they came up with 7 top tips.

You can use this ” magnificent 7 ” to help get a logo that kickstarts your brand and your business.

Read the article here


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