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Switch off your marketing magpie! Common mistakes to avoid in logo design

Sometimes in the world of branding and design we all go a little crazy.

We let our heads get carried away with trendy creatives that make us feel like the next Steve Jobs. So much so, that often many startup business owners will commission a logo which is based on their own personal taste in design, instead of prioritising the needs of the business. And just because a logo design is shiny and futuristic does not necessarily make it the best thing for your company.

So switch off your marketing magpie – put down the shiny apple-like abstract logo and follow these simple “don’t do’s” to get a cracking company logo that will benefit your business.

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Out with the old and in with the new! Revamped logos whose predecessors are unrecognisable!

Logo redesign can help your company thrust its image into the 21st Century and here are just a few companies whose original local design will leave you perplexed!

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Freaky huh! Which do you prefer?

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Are you and your business gold medal twitter Olympians?

Are you a twitter Olympian?

For all the technology-phobes who still poo-poo twitter, listen up.

The majority of discussions about the Olympics took place on social platforms, and a whopping
97% of all social conversations during the closing ceremony were through Twitter
(iProspect and Carat).

So you were really missing out.

The Spice Girls set a new world record, as 116,000 tweets were sent per minute during their performance!

150 million tweets featured Usain Bolt during the Olympic fortnight, and among many of the obvious worldwide trends of the week, #nbcfail featured heavily as in a world of instant news they decided (for some reason) to air top events on a tape-delay – angering millions.

My point? People want information quicker than ever before, and the Olympics is just one example  where twitter exercised (excuse the punn) its proverbial muscles as a big dog of 21C news and communication.

As a business tool, its invaluable.

  • The IDC estimate that currently 85% of all ecommerce spending is B2b!
  • 85% of recruiters use Twitter for recruitment.
  • The 3 most important reasons small businesses leverage social media:
    • Connecting with customers
    • Visibility
    • Self-promotion
  • 50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media – most notably linkedIn and Facebook
  • 51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow.
  • 5 years ago Twitter was just an idea with only 3 people working on it.

I bet there are many companies and customers trying to reach you now, who’ll be online, poised with a question, but need to be offered a hassle-free, simple channel through which to ask it.

Now we’re no Jessica Ennis. And nor are we scary spice – but we can help you improve your individuality in a busy platform, with a standout image. As part of our design services we can design you a unique twitter avatar – optimised to grab the attention of passers-by.

(in fact, if you like our facebook, you can get one for free!)


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U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi!

U-G-L-Y Logos

As business owners with an appreciation of branding and image, we like a bit of beauty in our lives.

An ugly logo can make us shudder with disgust and run a mile. And don’t even mention what happens when we recall that hideous Gap ad which only lasted a week…

A key component to the success (or frankly, total destruction) of a logo’s aesthetic appeal is the font. Some are so bad you just have to pray that one day a virus on the scale of Y2k removes them forever

…below are some of the worst culprits – lemme here ya say U-G-L-Y…

Most people hate Helvetica. ITS EVERYWHERE.

It’s stiff and one of its detestable eccentricities is its range of weights which appear darker and less evenly distributed than any comparable face.

The official cool font for people who, quite frankly, aren’t cool. It reminds you of tacky IM display names, or Sunday school; and neither connotation is helpful to creating the sense of a 21C exciting brand.

Remember that 100m swimming certificate you got as a kid? Yeah, well that was written in Brush Script; and probably every award you’ve ever had since. As the default font for expressions of “well done”, nothing is less rewarding than receiving a certificate which zero thought went into.

Commonly used on teenage girls’ fan sites for their favourite showbiz couple. Usually accompanied by a pink background, falling hearts and a polyphonic Justin Beiber track. Avoid at all costs.

Someone once described Comic Sans as “The AOL of fonts”. I think it’s safe to say that reading Comic Sans gives the same impression as ‘organised fun’; no one is really enjoying themselves and it all comes across as a bit desperate.

Avoid when possible. Essentially: it’s the universal default font. And therefore when people see it, they automatically assume you forgot to change it to something better.

Yet another bad handwriting font. Why do people love the idea of making any form of electronic writing look handwritten? No moron ever received a letter written in Lucida Handwriting and thought it was genuinely handwriting. So if you really want to use this type of font, throw away the compute and use a pen and paper!

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You may remember me from such websites as…

Hi all!

I’m Lauren and I’m writing for Small Business Logos on business advice site

Keep an eye out for my articles and feel free to get engaged on here 🙂

Latest articles:

How to make a business logo:


What to look for in a freelance graphic designer:



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Freelance graphic designers: dodgy sort! or are they?

Pfft Graphic desingers – dodgy sort aren’t they?!

When they’re not trying to hit you with millions of added costs, they forget to mention the massively obscure output file format they intend to deliver – and suddenly your whole logo project turns into a nightmare.

…But not all of them are like that! And as such your logo design project doesn’t have to be the most complicated thing.

It really can be straightforward and simple – you just need to know the right things to look for…

…and the tell-tale signs of the ones to steer clear of!

click here to find out.

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Think you’re ready to begin creating your logo? Think again…

First impressions count, don’t they? ….Yeah yeah we all can be a little bit shallow and when it comes to the decision to buy or not to buy – logos and branding are one of the key factors that can turn visitors off.

So, understandably, you logo is an important thing to nail. It can say volumes about your company, and save you a lot of leg work when it comes to being memorable.

Most likely you want to use an afforable logo service to get that slick professional output.


Think you’re ready to begin creating? Think again…

To read the criteria: click here.

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